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17/11/2016 21:20

King Hauler - conversion

The King Hauler renovation


Or this is how you will not stand, not to make everything perfect. 


For those, who have been on our events, the King Hauler semi-truck might be familiar. Peterbilt 379 semi-truck. A real  working machine, which unflincingly transported its load (23 kg the last time). Evidently, the body and the gears are wearing the remarks of the heavy work. Moreover, during the busy working hours, some weaknesses came up to the surface, which neeeds to be improved in order to tally the ever increasing demand.

The King Hauler earned a proper improvment. 

So, the current set up is stock, we can say; which is exiguous in our team. The biggest problems are the open diffs, which evidently decrease its off-road capability. Because we are always building something, our machinery needs to be able to handle off road circumstances as well. 

I have to make a note however, at the Temofest, it could handle the dirtroads quite well, it only needed some significant weight on the rear axles. As a result however, the gears and transmission got a bit more stress than they needed to, which ended in losing two gears from the three...  

 Back to the project and to the plans. I should only change the neccesary, not to fall overboard. The main task is to improve the mechanics of the truck. Let's see where I've started and where I've got.  

I have started with the rear axles off course. They should have lockable diffs. Check. However, the current drive shafts are not compatible with the new axles so I need new ones. Great, whatever...  However, if I already change the axles a new rear suspension is neccessary, because somewhat more articulation might be and advantage; not to mention that the stock suspension doesn't look good over the reality axles. The suspension in my plans does not use the factory mounting points, so you have to drill new ones; which means of course that I have to disassemble the truck, back to basics... Why not change the cross memebers then; I am already there, and some reality parts would not hurt, would it?

Oh, the transmission, which is quite one dimensional right now. Plans: I will rebuild it with helical metal gears and aluminium gear synchroniser. Good idea. 


But wait a second.... the truck is in pieces. I could build a 6x6. Hmmm...


All right, I need one more axle. But then, I need a new gearbox, because the neccessary drivehaft has no place under the current one. And I do not have a transfer case.Okay, new gearbox with a transfercase. The more experienced have told me that I will need a new front suspension, as the stock is not compatible.  


So where are we now? Three new axles, cross memebers, gearbox, transfer case, rear and front suspension. Plus the small ones. I need a place for the servo, which locks the diffs. The easiest is to mount it on the place of the servo, which operates the fifth wheel. So I nedd a new manual fifth wheel. Not a big loss, this one is not the most reliable one. 


What did I say at the beginning? Just the most important ones... Oh yeah, as always...

And I didn't say anything from the exterior yet....

The next part will cover some photos of the current status and the new parts. And then, the conversion begins.


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