On this page, you can see our current inventory of semi-trucks, semi-trailers and heavy machinery. Have fun on getting a closer look at our machines.




The exemlpar


Perfect from the outside, precise and reliable in the inside. 4 driven axle, 12 terrain tires, 4 diff locks. It safely transports everything on whatever surface you wish. If the tipper is not enough, you can connect another trailer. As well be hanged for a sheep...



Die hard


The 379. Design from Texas, engine from Indiana. A truly american machine. 3 driven axle, 3 difflocks. It goes through everywhere, and able to pull out everybody from the trouble. You can carry gold bars with it, however this one is certified for stones and earth. And for candies...




 The predator


100% custom made, still deployable everywhere. It is efficient alone as well; however in a flock, there is not a single hill-side, which they could not move with a surprising ease. 






The transporter


Whether it is rock, earth, or heavy machinery, this truck can transport it wherever you wish. All wheel drive, 3 difflocks, terrain tires; a classicaal form over the best engineering 



The Icon, Black Amber

One of the most beautiful and well equipped truck from the Scania range. The inspiration could not come from a better place. The finish is just like as breathtaking as the original. An unmissable truck on every stage.








The top of the food chain

This truck was made with an extrame care to details. 

























Our remaining trucks will come back from the field soon.  


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