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Dear Visitor!


In order to fasten our development and growth, our Association started its Support Program. The purpose of the Program is to offer an opportunity for private persons and organizations, to support our vision, and to further improve the quality of the services we offer. 

The aim of the Program


With the help of our supporters we can further improve the appearance of our installations, by adding advertisments, logos and messages, which the viewers can see in their everyday life, to the landscape. Moreover, we also have the possibility to build new buildings and machinery which fits into the Supporters profile. This serves the Supporter and our development at the same time.

Benefits for the Supporters


In return of the support, according to personalized aggreements, we place the logo, advertisment or message of the Supporter on our actual stage, and we also highlight them on our website. As a result, our Supporter will be visible for our viewers, and in our photo gallery as well. 


With the Programme, we aimed to create flexible terms and conditions to better fit the individual needs. We handle every inquiry individually in order to offer the best possible solution to our Supporters.

More details


In case you are interested in our Association, and see the marketing value in the cooperation with us, please fill out the Query on the Contacts page and we will contact you shortly to discuss your ideas and our offers. 


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