We are happy to announce that HRCT has been introduced in the latest Camion magazine. Gyula Cseh, chairman of the association gave an interview to the magazine!


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Hungarian RC Truck Association welcomes everyone on its renewed website. We would like to share some information which gives you an insight in the depths and beauties of this hobby.


Our association was established in 2011, since then we continuously grow and develop in terms of members and inventory. As a result of our dedication, we could acclimate this hobby in Hungary, which is already well established and known in the Western European countries and in the United States. Our main motivation is to show the appearance and operation of the real semi-trucks and trailers and heavy machinery in the scale of 1:14.5.


The result of our efforts is proven with the ever increasing number of visitors on our events, where we always do our best to create the most accurate and real environment. According to our opinion, in order to give the best possible viewer experience, not only the semi-truck and trailers and the heavy machinery should copy the real ones, but the environment in which we place and operate them is equally important.


The development does not stop, we are full of ideas and plans. We hope that we will be able to continuously increase our inventory and the landscapes we create. We work hard to deliver such an experience to our visitors, that they all will become returning guests in the future.


We hope that our website will encourage you to visit our next event, where we can dazzle you with the miniature world we create.


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